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This website, as you might already notice, is my portfolio. I am using it to showcase what I learn and what I can do. It was built with the cutting-edge framework Nuxt3 (pretty cool phrase, isn't it 😄 ?). Locomotive Scroll was used for creating smooth scroll on desktop screen, it can also do so on mobile, but I found it wasn't performing well enough. Also, pretty obvious is GreenSock's tool - GSAP. Last but not least important tool is OGL. This is like ThreeJS, but a lot smaller in size and delivers pretty much every tool you need to build some 3d scene.

While building this website, I faced a lot of different and exceptional issues. One was breaking everything after moving one line of code up or down 😅. Another was, how to reconcile Nuxt3, GSAP, and Locomotive Scroll in one package, so the route transition looks soft and native. But after trials and errors, something proper was created. Feel free to break everything 😂.

Would love to hear from you 😉

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